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Monday, August 9, 2010

Life in the coffee shops

In Barcelona cafes were a huge part of the culture. In fact, many Europeans prefer to socialize and meet in cafes instead of houses like we do in the United States. Especially in big cities, like Barcelona, where nearly everyone has a small cramped apartment the outdoor patios of the cafes and laid back atmosphere makes it the idea place to sit and enjoy a coffee and croissant. It was one of the things I thought I would miss most about Europe, Cafe Time.

But, I've been fortunate and to satisfy my coffee fix in the morning I head to Standing Stone Coffee Company. It's a cute little coffee shop a few blocks from my house with a wonderful outdoor patio, absolutely delicious lobster bisque and breakfast cookies, and a wonderful place to spend a few hours. It also happens to have been founded by a Juniata grad. And this past weekend just happened to be their two year anniversary. So they passed out free coffee all day to happy customers.

I love to see places like Standing Stone succeed because I think they add such a wonderful element to the community. And, after starting my own little business I can better understand how much blood, sweat, and tears go into something like that. So congratulations Standing Stone and cheers to many more anniversaries!


Lindsay said...

Mmm cafe.... gratis!