"We have more reasons to love each other based on our common humanity than to victimize one another because of any difference."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


T minus 10 hours: Put on Messi jersey
T minus 4 hours: Professor announces to class that I will be receiving one bonus point for supporting Barça on the final
T minus 3 minutes: Family and I sit down on couch
T minus 2 minutes: Sergi dawns barça jersey
Kick off
2nd minute: I take a bit of pan con tomate
3rd minute: I realize that it´s going to be awfully hard to score a goal with 9 Italians bunkered in on the first third.
10th minute: Sergi starts showing signs of stress...
14th minute: Near goal
25th minute: Barça needs to score now
34th minute: I finish the pan con tomate
45th minute: Barça remained in posession 73% of the first half
47th minute: Half time
54th minute: Sergi complains about too many half time commericals
69th minute: Sergi jumps up from the couch and runs out to the porch, paces once, and returns slamming the door.
71st minute: Messi is fouled for the umpteenth time.
80th minute: Pique scores a beautiful goal
80.5th minute: Pilar grabs my hand
82nd minute: Pilar gets up and touches a cross on the wall
84th minute: Sergi stands
85th minute: Sergi sits on the arm of the couch
88th minute: WE SCORE AGAIN. I hear fireworks
...30 seconds later: We realize there was a foul
89th minute: Sergi gets up to leave and hears there are 4 minutes of stoppage time
89th minute: Sergi yells four minutes! And sits back down
94th minute: barça loses.
94th minute + 20 seconds: Sergi gets up and says bye and slams the door on his way out.
95th minute: Pilar chases after him telling him he forgot his backpack. He takes it slams the door and heads back to Vic.
96th minute: I brush my teeth
97th minute: Pilar turns the channel to a wanna be Judge Judy (spanish version)
115th minute: I write this blog.