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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sculpture: If it works...use it

This last sculpture project, my little metal cubist bird, has quiet frankly been a nightmare. After four trips to the Servi Estacio to buy metal, wire, more wire, more metal, dowels, super glue, screws, bolts, and washers I feel like the employees and I are practically family. They probably think to themselves, ¨Oh God, not you again. I could have finished this project by now!¨

But, the truth is everyone else seems to have a whole lot more experience and a month of additional time to work on it than I do! So considering my background, time, and tool constraints I am happy to say this project is about ten minutes from being done. (knock on wood) I´m currently waiting for a blob of rubber cement to dry.

This morning I had to figure out how to make a hole in my aliminum sheet base without access to a hammer or drill...Using an old tubberware container I set my sheet metal on it, found a glass can of tomato sauce, a sharp sculpting tool and tried to bang a hole into it. After doing this five or so times I had a couple mini little holes that I then attacked with a knife and knife sharpener. I managed to puncture my dowel through and waaaallllaaa a base.

While trying to then slit my dowel with a serraded knife, instead of a saw, my knife slipped and I put a gash into my finger. I had even thought a few seconds earlier, ´´This seems a little dangerous´´. But, as far as I´m concerned it just adds street cred to the whole process.

In the end I am left with a little petite metal bird with a wire tail and brightly colored wired wings coming out the back. He´s sitting on a brightly painted striped dowel that conects down to a sheet metal base. I´m pretty content with it all. I wish I could post a picture but I gave my camera connector back to Liz. So just take my word for it, he is cute.