"We have more reasons to love each other based on our common humanity than to victimize one another because of any difference."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to the Basics

1. I remember how to speak Spanish....barely. I'm hoping to fall back into a rhythm again. I realized today at lunch that I told Pilar yesterday that we had a huge earthquake in San Diego before I left which shut the airports down and not a huge rainstorm. Thus, leading her to believe I lived near Haiti. Opps.

2. I taught my 38 year old host brother some English phrases for when he leaves for Thailand tomorrow. In addition to a hand written list of important phrases like 'What does this beer cost?" He has memorized the phrases: Beef yes. Pork yes. Fish no. Dog yes. I can't imagine why you would agree to eat dog before fish but whatever.

3. I am going out into the wide wide world tomorrow in attempt to make friends. I am meeting, Liz, who went to Cathedral. I met her through Shmo and Sakura at a Christmas cookie exchange. Then Thursday, another girl who I met at the same Christmas party is visiting Barcelona and so I'm going to show her around the city too. Hannah, aren't you proud?! Now, if only one of them could help me with the hat I'm crocheting...

4. In keeping with my New Year's Resolution to read read read I've become fully engrossed in the book, "The Good Earth" which my mom insisted I pack along with ten other books which, set my suitcase over three pounds. Luckily, my good looks and smile charmed the woman behind the counter and she let it slide.

5. Pilar has already started to tell me I can't leave. She slips it into conversation casually like when I told her the apples here were better she said, "Well you can just stay here." I replied, "If I didn't go back my mom would come and kill me and drag me home." To which she said, "Well if she is going to kill you just stay here." I'm glad she likes having me around sometimes I feel like a nuisance...just wait till she receives the scarf I made her. (I'm waiting for Valentine's Day)

So all in all I am really looking forward to this semester and all the adventures to come. Even more exciting is the fact that I have an ample amount of friends and FAMILY coming to visit :) How lucky am I??????