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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glow in the Dark

Today is my first day of art classes at the University of Barcelona. Pilar forgot to turn her alarm off and at 5:30am it kept beeping and beeping and beeeeeeeeping.

Eventually it really was time to get up and I got ready and left for Photography I. When I found the class I thought it was odd that no one was milling about the halls. In fact, I didn't see any students anywhere! So thinking I was somehow late I quickly, without thinking, opened up the room to a pitch black classroom. The Professor was up at the podium with a powerpoint and I couldn't see anything. BLACKNESS.

I walked in. I heard rustling, which told me students were in fact in the room, and a bunch of people started laughing at me and murmuring.

I was wearing my Threadless tee which was glow in the dark and monsters and floating eyeballs suddenly became visible. On dear God. So the floating eyeballs made their way, stumbling, to the nearest desk where I proceeded to, in the pitch black, sit on some girls art work.

Then three minutes later the professor said, "Ok see you next time." I wasn't late...I was early. There were two back to back photography classes.

At least everyone got to see my tee shirt in all its glory...
It's lunch time now and then I'm off to Sculpture II!


Lindsay said...

You're taking art classes? Awesome! Are they with UB faculty?

Caitlin said...

Yeah, and I LOVE them thus far!
In fact...I need to get ready for Photography now! haha

Samantha Sibley said...

how is photography going chica? I wish I could take it but my digital was just stolen and my slr is in the states..

Caitlin said...

I LOVE the photo class! Sam you could probably still take it...you'd just need to borrow a camera for the projects.