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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Things and Bikes!

So many good things!
1. I made pesto pasta for my host family. My host mother didn't eat any of it, but after Sergio (the pickiest person in the world) started raving about it she cautiously tried some and it was a hit!

2. I am making brie souffle on Friday for them. Fingers crossed they like it.

3. I have fallen into a rhythm of cycling classes. I go five days a week before classes start. I leave feeling accomplished and start my day. But today was a little different because for the first time in maybe...8 years I rode a real bike. Yeah, it's been that long...

"Bicing" is a public transportation program for Barcelona residents that allows you to take a bike from the station and return it to any one of the hundreds of stations in the city in 30 minutes. So nervously I grabbed a bike and off I went.

I loved it! It did take a little while for me to get the hang of it again and what with pedestrians running around, and cars, and traffic well it's no great wonder how I accidentally bumped a woman with my handle bars...opps! I shouted "Pardon!" as I rode by. It takes me just over 30 minutes to get to school and when I got home I dropped off my things and went and bought a helmet. No one here wears helmets... so yeah, I look a little stupid but hey, I value my brain and I'd like to keep it intact!

Happy Wednesday!


Lindsay said...

That's so awesome that you're doing Bicing AND wearing a helmet! That's so rebellious!