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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blueberry Picking

This 84 year old widow became a blueberry farmer many years ago. Her husband innocently one day said, "Honey, let's plant some blueberries." He went, ordered the bushes, and a few weeks later called her at work to tell her they had arrived. She asked how many plants he had bought and he said, "900". She said she screamed in the office and from that day on every spare moment was spent on their hands and knees planting.

At the end of our blueberry adventure she ended up giving the six pounds of blueberries we picked for free. Her birthday is next weekend.


Shannon said...

LOVE THIS LADY/YOU GUYS. I see lots of baking in your future. Ben, I remember that blueberry pie you made that one Christmas, BOMB. Biggs, you should really consider blueberry frozen yogurt. I just made some blackberry and I'm in love.