"We have more reasons to love each other based on our common humanity than to victimize one another because of any difference."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Huntingdon, PA

We found ourselves surrounded in boxes and chaos. A chaos, that four years in, feels rather normal. Except, this year we have a small house to spread out all our junk whereas usually we have a small cramped dorm room. Moving into the house across from the football field feels completely surreal. I have my own kitchen, my own shelves, my own room, closet, basement.

Driving over the bridge that carries us over the Juniata River going into Huntingdon left me a little emotional. And maybe was that was because I was at a frayed wits end at after a long 8 days of driving. Maybe it was because I was tired and Walky had accidentally slipped that Spain won the game I was planning to watch later....or maybe it was because it felt like I was coming back to something familiar, and good, and comfortable after a long vacation far away.

So we began unpacking the boxes and arranging our pictures on the walls for our last year at college. And man, does it feel strange.