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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

please give me a place for my panties...

I decided yesterday ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am tired of digging through my suitcase for sports bras, underwear, and soccer shorts. I NEED a dresser! I'm two weeks into living in my house. My room is in a chaotic state of disarray partly because I've started using my clothes hamper to store socks and bras which leaves my dirty clothes homeless and abandoned in a corner under the bed. Partly, because Mom has moved in and dumped her crap on top of my crap and partly because I am just generally a disorganized person by nature.

Well yesterday the official search for a not tacky, not retro, not too big, will fit in closet dresser began. And let me tell you, it was waaaaaay harder than I could have ever imagined. So after frequenting the Good Will, three garage sales, Little Hearts Furniture Exchange, a Buy & Sell Used Goods, and Barely Used Furniture in MOUNT UNION I came home without a dresser but not empty handed.

Check, out these cute & funky vintage finds I snagged:

This cute animal cracker tin lamp & grey apple crate that I've turned into a nightstand.

& a pair of awesome blue chairs.