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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project of the Day: My Desk

I got up this morning, biked 13 miles, walked and fed Bo and then started in on my project of the day: Refinishing the old wood desk I bought last week for 20 bucks. The top was covered in paint spills, coffee circles, and let's face it some of those divots and scratches could have been made with a machete.

So I borrowed a power sander from coach, lugged the desk out to the porch where I discovered I had no outlet outside and no extension cord. After nagging half the neighborhood and marching from porch to porch in search for this elusive 10 foot piece of rubber and wire I finally found an old couple in their pajamas watching tv. They invited me inside and five minutes later I was out the door and ready to go.

I spent the next two hours emptying the desk out, taking knobs off, and covering my body in as much saw dust as humanly possible. I then stopped for a potato salad and watermelon break and biked down to Sherwin Williams to buy paint stain. I got lost and finally found the place. Austin, was very helpful in finding me a brush that would work and set me up with a nice red oak stain. What I didn't realize when I started this is that stain, polyurethane, and brush cost about 11.95 MORE than I spent on the entire desk...

Pedal forward twenty minutes. I painted my desk, my hands, my feet, and my legs. I also managed to step, bare foot, in Bo's not so solid poop. I then cleaned up said poo and stepped in the remnants about five minutes later.

Now, I'm sitting on the porch eating an otter pop, inhaling paint fumes, feeling awfully accomplished and proud of my newly refurbished desk.