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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craft Time

I wanted to get a quick post in before I leave to work this Penn State soccer camp and am trapped in a dorm without internet or air conditioning.

Yesterday was a ton of fun. I woke up early to go garage sale hunting with Bo. Not only did I find two things that I had been really wanting; a scrabble board game and cork board but I got a major deal on it. (We all know how much I love steals) I ended up coming home with four pieces of cork board, scategories, scrabble, a brand new cookie press with icing tips, and english muffin rings for three dollars.

So I went to Walmart, bought self adhesive magnets for 97 cents, and cut them up to fit the back of the scrabble tiles to make magnets for the fridge. It turned out super cute. I think using puzzle pieces would also work really well. I have some magnets left over so maybe next garage sale weekend I'll look out for an old puzzle.

Then inspired by my english muffin rings I decided to make english muffin bread. WHICH IS AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! We had a bunch of guests in and out yesterday and managed to quickly consume/inhale/hoark down half a loaf. Yes, I used the word hoark. Yes, I am fully aware it's not actually a word.

Then Erin came over that night and we made these cute decorations to hang in the living room once it's all newly painted. It says, 'In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin you'.


Shannon Moskitis said...

You are making me so jealous! I want a house to decorate. Instead, I'm moving from the tine apartment back to a tiny dorm room :(

Anyway, I just saw this great craft idea I know you would love: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Bunting

Maybe this can be our next sewing craft! It seems like we can't skrew this one up... but we always think that... :)

liz clark said...

aaa hey girl! how are you?
aaand you a have pup?! Im so jealous he looks so cute and furry!!
anyway your crafts and photos are so fun!
And all those blueberries!! o man I can only imagine all the blueberry muffins/breads/pies you could make!
hope all is well and enjoy your camp!

Lynn said...


I love what you're doing with your house on your nickel-and-dime budget. I can't wait to see the place in October.


Caitlin said...

Shmo that is really cute. I'd seen similar projects to that. I still bet I could find a way to ruin that.....

LIZ MI AMIGA! The pup is on loan! And he is more of a grandpa....I'm pet sitting for the month and he is a MAJOR FARTER! It's actually getting super out of control.