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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is a Production

I woke up early this morning. I havent been sleeping well. I looked to see if my parents had emailed me (they hadn't) I made myself a cup of loose leaf cinnamon tea (it's my favorite!) and I sat down at my desk. I got out my scissors (that are really kitchen shears), my construction paper (which is really recycled barcelona pamphlets and flyers), and my glue stick (which really is a glue stick) and I sat down to make Christmas cards.

I tore and snipped, stuck, cut, and glued for three hours. I made three cards. I now have a total of 14 cards, although to my extreme dismay two are missing. Each card takes me roughly one hour to complete. Nearly all my cards this year are made from recycled paper. I keep my eyes open all the time looking for interesting fonts on posters, which I tear off walls, business cards, pamphlets, brochures exct. Other kids in my program have started coming to school with scraps of paper to give me.

Some of my favorite pieces of paper have been: an informative pamphlet released by the local government describing the fall of a political party in 1989. It's made on a thick olive card stock (I may have grabbed ten or so :). I also took full advantage of a parchment like envelope I found in my cupboard that is a light brown. The fold out I took from the gym was a pretty dark blue color and is currently in the form of paper snowflakes hanging in my window. But perhaps my best find was a half destroyed felt poinsettia flower I saw sitting on the street curb. I cut little red felt hearts out of the petals and they look fantastic.

Here's the production scene:

Happy December!