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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do you know what a sandwich is?

Ok. I really do love Pilar but lately she has been getting on my nerves a bit. So bare with me while I vent a bit.

First off she was going to teach me how to make a tortilla de patatas (which means potato tortilla) its not actually like a tortilla at all it's more like a quiche and omelet combo. And for the life of me I couldn't figure out how she has been making them. Do you bake it in an oven? How do you get the top cooked like that??? So I finally asked her to teach me.

Problem one. She thinks I'm incompetent. We sit down and she says, "First you have to peel the potatoes and the onions. Do you know how to peel?"....of course I do. So I sit down to peel the potato (we don't have a peeler so I'm stuck old schoolin it with a knife) I'm doing fine but I'm not doing it the way she usually does it.

Problem two. Her way or the highway. She takes the knife from me and shows me that I need to cut toward myself instead of away. Little does she know this goes against every american fiber I have. How many times did they tell you growing up, "Cut AWAY from your body." I could just envision the knife slipping and me squirting blood all over our tortilla. opps.

So we finally get to the tricky stage of this omelet/quiche thing. The eggs and potatoes are frying and you have to place a lid on the hot frying pan and flip the "tortilla" hot oil and all onto the lid and then slide it other side up back into the pan. So I watch her do it, spilling hot oil on the counter and probably on herself and I think to myself this is going to be tricky. So then she goes your turn. (you have to flip this baby multiple times) So I successfully flip it but while trying to slip it back into the pan part of this semi cooked mostly raw egg omelet falls onto the counter. We put it right back in the pan and keep on going. Right? Wrong. For the rest of the night all I hear about is how I messed up. How she knew I wouldn't be able to flip it. Ok so I got my does of humility for the night. Let's move on already.

And while I'm just generally ranting I'll throw in two more things. She asked me if I knew what a sandwich was yesterday. I eat them everyday for lunch. Yes, I know the word for Sandwich. It's the MOST commonly used word in Spain. I gave directions on the metro yesterday to a couple from Madrid. They complimented me on how great my Spanish skills are and then in the same day my host mother (who still doesn't know my name) asked me if I knew the word for sandwich....ay ay ayaaaaaa. Oh, and she also taught me the word for fork tonight...yup knew that one too.


Barb Double-Finger-Wag said...

you did not mention the samurai sword.. or the TENEDOR comment. two very important details.. or that i was there and she didn't let me do ANYTHING because she may think you are incompetent, but she is convinced i am feeble and incapable of school, cooking, and wielding of the samurai sword...

Lindsay said...

Hahaha sorry she's become such a Mom. That's still awesome you learned how to make tortilla; everyone will be very impressed when you make it in the US!