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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Delicious Winter Dish

I've known Pilar was a great cook for a long time now. Some of my favorites are her amazing stuffed eggplant. Her rich and creamy zucchini soup with toasted homemade cruttons is so good on cold days. And her alfredo lasgana is so yummy! But today she may have outdone herself.

I went out walking early this morning. I walked down the main street to the big open air market two neighborhoods down. When I came back I crawled into my bed to warm up and fell asleep. I woke up hungry and wandered into the kitchen to see what Pilar was making. I entered the warmth of the kitchen to find the oven on and hummin. I peaked in to see two whole fish bathed in lemon juice, tangy and perfect, crispy and juicy potatoes, and toasted tomatoes all simmering away in olive oil. YUM.

And living up to all expectations the dish was fantastic. It was the cooked to perfection and totally delicious. I gave Pilar two kisses after lunch and thanked her for, as of yet, my favorite meal in Spain.