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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten Reasons why TODAY is such a great day!

1. Billy finished the logo for Something Sunny. I sent it to the Director of JCEL who emailed me saying he was "impressed with your continued passion & initiative. Keep the faith." Whooo!

2. It was 12:30 and I was hungry. Pilar wasn't around so I wandered into the kitchen to miraculously find ALL the ingridients to make chicken salad! There was shredded chicken in a tubberware on the counter. I found parsley, chopped some onion and added a little salt, pepper, and mayo and waaaala! YUM.

3. I finished part one of my secret santa present. I can't post it here because she may or may not read my blog!! (I'm not giving any clues!!) But let me assure you, it's SUPER CUTE.
4. I walked out on the balcony and it's beautiful and sunny. The two pigeons that were born on our balcony are just about old enough to fly away.

5. Caleb may be able to come to San Diego over winter break. I hope it works out it would be great to see him! He wants to see the UTAH CAL game...go golden bears!

6. I showered this morning, breaking my three day showering stint. I consider lack of showering during finals time completely acceptable if not the norm.
7. I FINISHED (more or less) MY TWO SPANISH RESEARCH PAPERS! I feel relieved and in very high spirits! I had a little note taped to my window that kept me going.

8. I'm having chicken, carrot, and garbanzo bean soup for lunch. It's a homemade broth, which is always super yummy.
9. I'll be home in SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!

10. I am going to the yarn store tomorrow to reward myself for working so hard on my finals.


Lindsay said...

I *LOVE* the logo! When will your frames be available for purchase in California? ;)

Caitlin said...

This August!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Awesome! Keep me posted!