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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Spirit of Winter

Barcelona is a beautiful city and perhaps even more beautiful in the winter. The floral street stalls have begun to sell Poinsettias and miniature Christmas trees. The city spends hundreds, actually probably at least a million, dollars beautifying the city with thousands and thousands of beautiful, christmas bulbs, life size nativity scenes, acapella singing groups, and fun Christmas festivals. And seeing as I don't pay the taxes that provide this wonderful ambiance I'm ready to completely enjoy it!

The strands of Christmas lights are stung out across the narrow streets. A lot of them form designs like Christmas trees inside metal frames that are hoisted above the bustle of the city. I've been waiting for two weeks to actually see the lights on but it still hasn't been my lucky day. I'm hoping this week.

Meanwhile, I've been busy crocheting, studying for my two finals tomorrow, writing papers, and just generally wondering where the time has gone. I'll be home in 16 days???? I still have so many Christmas cards to make, sights to see, pictures to take, dinner parties to attend, and friends to hang out with! This weekend Monste, Hannah and I are headed to Monserrat a famous mountain an hour or two drive from Barcelona where an old church is located at the summit. I always love the adventures Monste takes me on so I'm looking forward to it. But, I'm also really looking forward to coming home!

I'm really looking forward to spending time with my family, cooking again, crafting, and being back in my drafty cold house (there's no place like home!) Plus, Christmas time is just one of my favorite times of the year!

Hey family, see you soon!!!