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Friday, October 9, 2009


Ok so realizing where my last blog left off I thought I'd leave off on a happier note for the weekend.

I went to practice yesterday and it went really well. The girls, who I initially thought were all 15, are actually a bit older. Some are 17 some 16...it's still a mix. They just don't breed em big out here! Everyone is so small. Pilar comes up to my chin. And I looked totally ridiculous the one day that I went out with all her little friends. It was this tall American and six little old Catalan women who came up to various body parts but none above my nose. But back to soccer...

The girls are much better than I was hoping for. I'm getting some great exercise and learning new things. The coach is good. He knows what he is talking about and the drills we do are legit. Our first game starts this Sunday. I won't be playing since I'm not officially on the team yet. But I am looking forward to where all this will go.

Tonight I am going to John Lennon Plaza to celebrate John Lennon's 69th birthday. There will be live music, festivities, and street beer (which now that I am working out I will be staying away from). But it's sure to be a good time!

Happy Friday everyone! whoooo!