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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We will celebrate the defeat of our enemies!

HAHAHAHAHA Que Fantastico que Real Madrid perdio a Milan! Que Piensas Ronaldo????

Sergio, Pilar, and I settled into the living room to watch the Real Madrid v. Milan game tonight. We ate dinner quickly at half time and Pilar returned to join us in her pink flannel Pajamas. Sergio asked me who I was rooting for. I mistakenly thought he asked me who I thought would win and I said Real Madrid. He carefully and very seriously explained to me that we never root for Real Madrid. (I already knew this) I shouted 'They are the enemy!' And this made both of them happy.

The game was fantastic! Very exciting, very close, Milan won 3-2 in the last 4 minutes of the game. When Milan scored their second goal I heard fireworks go off in the building next door.

During the game I tried to teach Pilar and Sergio how to say my name. Pilar still doesn't know what my name is. She asked me yesterday what it was because she couldn't remember. I heard her tell someone on the phone 'I can't remember it because it's a difficult foreign name.' The closest my one professor can come to saying my name is, "Queelian" I just go with it.

Today I went to get tea with Vito. I enjoyed talking with him and I asked him a lot of questions about Italy. We talked a lot about food and and the beach. Two things we have in common and both enjoy. He has almost finished his degree for electrical engineering.

So besides the torrential downpour that I endured without an umbrella that left me pouring water out of my flats today was a pretty good day.


Lindsay said...

Real Madrid. YUCK!