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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pliar and I Bond

I realized I haven't said a ton about my host mom yet. Pilar is in her 60's and has a regal grace to her that only age can produce. She is small and comes up a little above my shoulder (just like all her other friends...I feel like a giant!) She speaks not one word of English and I like it that way. She is a masseuse and I want to ask her if she could teach me a thing or two. She has a very kind heart and is a good person. As a general rule she gives money to amputees with more than one body part missing. Today I found out that her dad only has one arm (which may explain that).

I thought this weekend we had particularly strong bonding experiences...

1.Last night I used this phrase in Catalan when I was describing the lemon cake she made. She was so thrilled she ran up kissed me and beamed. Her friend that was over was horrified (well that may be a bit strong) because I guess you arent supposed to say it in polite company "only among friends" and started to tell Pilar this but she was instantly silenced, Pilar was proud and I was thrilled.

2. This morning I was explaining to Pilar the book I am reading about a hermaphrodite that lived as a woman for the first 14 yrs of life and a man the rest of his days. That convo led to gay marriage. Pilar said, 'who are we to say whats right and normal. we are all entitled to happieness.' wise words. Which was surprising coming from someone in her generation...even though she was shocked when she learned my dad ironed his own shirts (and not my mom)
Well then that convo led to marriage which led to her divorce which led to a melt down and crying session...her husband left her for a young brazilian he met on the internet and equals a total skeez. She was depressed for two years (still 15 yrs later upsets her) and he even had the audacity to ask her for money. It was very sad and slightly awkward for me. I think I did a mediocre job of comforting her. She even showed me wedding pics.

3. Two of my friends and I decided we will have a mom daughter night out on friday and go out for drinks. I thought it seemed like a great idea and so did Pilar! She is excited because the other two moms are divorced too.

4. Pilar and I are dieting together. She thinks shes getting fat. And I told her I thought I could slim down a bit too and so I eat my cereal, my big lunch, and then for dinner we are sticking mainly to fruit and increasing the veggie intake. I finally gathered the courage to tell her I didn't like the latest cereal she bought. It was some sugary chocolate kids cereal. (Well we haven't opened the box yet) but she was fine with it and all is well!

Tomorrow means classes again but for the most part I am really enjoying them. I watched the Barca game this weekend with two friends at a bar full of local color and a great ambiance. We were definitely the only Americans in there...and the only women!


Lindsay said...

Awww she sounds so sweet! What did you say about her food in Catalan?

PS Are you reading Middlesex?

Caitlin said...

Yes! I just finished it yesterday. It was so good.
I said, "esta de cullon"