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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Airline Food

I was looking through another BCA student's facebook album entitled "Espana Thus Far". One picture immediately gripped me, ripped me back 48 days, and brought bad a flood of emotions and memories. The picture itself has little significance to anyone else. It's simple enough too. It's a picture of the airline food.

I remember the girl sitting next to me on the flight she had just had a summer with her family in England, and I remember listening to Ratatat on the plane. I remember being too tired to function but unable to sleep, and thinking that in 9 hours I would be turning twenty. I remember picking the banana chips off the brownie and eating them separately, the hard bread roll, and the yogurt vanilla like pudding. I remember thinking that this food was better than any food I had had on a US airplane and using that as a general comparison for Europe. Europe's airline food is better than mine. Europe must then be better than the USA. I remember being upset that I forgot my power adapter in my suitcase so during my 9 hour layover in Paris I had no way to charge my computer.

Landing in Paris I was drained, exhausted, bitchy, tired, grumpy, and excited. People watching is so much better in an International Airport. But at this point is was more of a delirious stare down than watching.

And now, fast forward 48 days. I am here in Barcelona, sitting in my bed, drinking tea. I am listening to music that I have found in Barcelona. My room now has concert posters and pictures taped to the walls. I'm speaking Spanish better than I ever have in my life. I have new friends, a new social life, new food, new adventures, a new culture.


Lindsay said...

It's been well worth the crappy plane ride, no?