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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The world gets smaller and smaller everyday...

So my new favorite activity in Spain is language exchange. My first language exchange was done through the University. They have contacts in a language school and set them up with their International students aka me and my friends. The only problem...or maybe it's not a problem...but at any rate my exchange partner, Monce, is older maybe 60?
So I decided I wanted more language partners my own age! So I posted an announcement on loquo.com (spanish craigslist) saying hey I'm a 20 year old American college student looking to practice Spanish if you want to practice English we could meet at a cafe or park. I'm looking for someone my own age!
So after getting over 40 emails flooding my inbox...most older guys saying well I'm 32 but I look younger jaja...no. That is how I met Julia, my 20 year old Sevilla friend! We are currently FB friends. But I love the language exchange opportunity because it's such great practice for me. It's been a way to meet locals, break away from awkward American tourist groups, and learn about interesting cultural things! So I also set up another meeting with an Italian guy on Friday...and I started to wonder...can you have TOO MANY exchange partners?!?!! My opinion? No!
So I responded to a 23 year old native Barcelona guy who is studying Law at the same University as me. Well I got a message back from him this morning saying he searched for me of facebook (which is annoying because I don't know their last names....so the fb stalking is more or less a one way street...) but anyway. And get this, we have a friend in common! Lindsay Brothers. The intern I met this summer that was so sweet and helpful to me. She even hosted me a going away Sangria party! She studied in Barcelona the year before me.

The world gets smaller and smaller everyday...


Lindsay said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Who is this 23 year old guy we both know? I'm dying to find out!