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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photo Contest Politics...

Alright, for the past two months...ok who am I kidding for the past two years Juniata´s photo contest has become somewhat an obsession of mine. It all started innocently enough, I liked photography and it was a fun thing to do. Pretty soon Juniata´s marketing department started asking if they could use my photos in publication material, postcards, and the new view book coming out. I was happy that my work was being appreciated and after writing a large chunk of the view book in addition to my photos I was asked if my Senior year I would be interested in working for the Marketing Department. I was thrilled! I even saved the email.
But I have to take a moment to vent about the photo contest. So forget about Barcelona for a second and just listen to my ranting....thanks.
HOW DO THEY EVEN CHOSE THE PHOTOS THAT WIN!!!!!!!???????? Let me explain by looking at the winner this week:

It´s a Mountain Day picture. No offense to Kolaver07 but it´s pretty average. Ok my technology challenged Grandpa could have taken this...
Now this is the picture that I submitted that didn´t win:

I mean if you want to start talking about feats that defy gravity....GIANT tower of humans wins out over man on rope. It just does.
Now I don´t want you to think that I am biased simply because it is my own picture. Here is another picture that defies gravity and oh yeah, it didn´t win either (and I think it should have):

Are you starting to see the inconsistencies here? Sure I´d love to win the photo contest but I´d also be content if the winner deserved the winning.


Lindsay said...

Did you take that last picture? It's so cool! Oh wow, hope you win next time (Maybe a bribe would help?)