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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love Life

So even though Midterms are next week, I just came down with a sore throat, and my language partner didn´t show this morning life is still good. I have been studying for my exams in the rare chunks of free time I find, usually at night. Tomorrow I am meeting with Vito for coffee and then that night I am meeting up with Hannah and some couch surfer people that I have yet to meet to exchange traditional dishes native to Spain. I am making a lentil and sausgae dish that is RICO DELISH! (also and maybe just as important it´s cheap to make too). Next Saturday I have another food meet up for a soup lunch. Everyone is making a soup that they love and we are going to share all the soups and have lunch together in Jode´s (she´s from Belgium) apartment. And with the weather getting a little bit colder I am stoked!
Last night I was going a little stir crazy in my little room. I deep cleaned my whole room, folded the clothes in my wardrobe, reorganized my school work, read the newspaper, drank 4 cups of tea, and made an official list of all the vocabulary I have learned while here.
I was very proud of myself the other day. I was sitting in European Union (my fav class!) and our professor was trying to make an analogy so that we could better understand France´s relationship with the EU. So he said, ¨Francia es parecido de una rémora´ Then he asked if anyone knew what a rémora was. I knew. Remora is the fish that live in coexistance with sharks. You know the little ones you always see when you watch the Discovery channel just chillin next to the huge shark. Well, the point is I knew this obstract word. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my boss this summer. When we were talking one day I asked her how she became so good at Spanish. She told me she showed up in Mexico as a journalist and not knowing much Spanish. But after eventually living there for 15 years you become fluent. She said she knows the word for fill dirt. When you know the word for fill dirt you´re fluent. So maybe I still don´t know how to say fill dirt...but hey, rémora is a start right? All of this only reaffirmed my desire to work abroad for at least a year or two after I graduate.


Lindsay said...

Hahaha I didn't know the name for the fish in Spanish or English! I learned something!