"We have more reasons to love each other based on our common humanity than to victimize one another because of any difference."

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok so I really don't have much to say...but I'm not really doing anything currently and facebook is boring.
It's the weeekeennddd!!!! Whoooooooooo!!!!!!

I'm meeting with Vito tomorrow for drinks (he's my Italian intercambio) he told me he would be wearing white shoes. That way I can spot him out of the crowd...couldn't he think of something a little more noticeable? Like...I don't know...a yellow shirt? White shoes is kind of like saying oh hey I'll be the person breathing oxygen...

In other news, I forgot a fork the other day and ate my rice and tomato sauce using a small piece of fried chicken as a spoon. I looked ridiculous and Hannah laughed at me and took pictures of me while rice dropped from my mouth. No wonder I have no Spanish friends...

I am planning on going to a concert tomorrow night which should be fun. I heard about it on couch surfers. Then on Saturday night we are going big or going home. I'm headed to what's sure to be an awesome dancing club. It's free if you show up before 1:30AM and 15 euros after that (aprox. 25 dollars) so you can be sure I'll be arriving early. :)

I had practice tonight. We didn't play any soccer, only fitness drills. But they weren't really that difficult so I felt cheated. It's kind of like if I get dressed and drag my butt all the way to practice I wanna really work...not jog around and do nothing.

Oh, and it's officially fall here. It just got cold! (ok sorry PA people we are still talking about a Mediterranean climate...so cold is a relative thing) but I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt today and I was chilly! I better start knitting that scarf I'm making a bit faster...

Hope everyones lives are lovely. I am booking my flight home for Christmas tonight! I'll be coming home around the 13th of December and coming back Jan 20th! whooo!