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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dear Santa, I want a raclette for Christmas

Last weekend I went to my first ever raclette party. More common in Europe, a raclette is basically a grill top and below is a second layer where each guest cooks their own mini ´frying pan´. I loved the raclette party for the same reason I love fondue parties and hookah nights. It brings people together for long periods of time around a table to simply talk (well, and eat! Double bonus)

Each guest brought different goodies to the raclette party. Hannah and I brought spicy sauteed zuccini, steamed asparagus, spinach, and eggs. Other people brought bell peppers, chicken, tuna, cheese, potatoes, pineapple & chocolate. It was basically just a fun mix of things, add in bottles of red wine and good dinner conversation and you have a fantastic Saturday evening.

After we had finished off most of the food Ingamr brought out four pints of delicious ice cream and we sampled strawberry, cheesecake, carmel banana, and mint chocolate chip. I was in heaven...and also very full.

The next morning I sent my mom an email saying I want a raclette for Christmas! I can already imagine all the fun dinner parties in my future...


hotTamale said...

Looks fun and delicious!