"We have more reasons to love each other based on our common humanity than to victimize one another because of any difference."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something Sunny, my baby.

Last summer I had an internship with the Mexican Government. I was working in my cubicle when my boss popped her head in to tell me I was going to accompany her to Tlaxcala. I didn’t know where that was but I was eager to get out of the office. She told me to run home and grab a sweater and to meet her back here in 30 minutes. We left at 12:30, keep in mind my internship ends at 3:30 everyday.
I’m assuming that Tlaxcala is somewhat close…three and a half hours later we are still driving. We arrive in the CITY of Tlaxcala and she asks me if I would like to be dropped off at the city center or the shopping mall. I stammer, “I thought I was coming with you?” She looks at me and says, “No. I have a business meeting. I’ll meet you in front of the Catedral in 4 hours.” So without a phone, without money, without a camera, I exit the car. Do you have any idea how impossible it is to find a bathroom without money in Mexico? It took 40 painful minutes to finally find a bathroom. I didn’t have any money to buy food and I hadn’t eaten lunch…I was going hungry that day.
I’d also like it noted that last summer my Spanish didn’t compare to what it is now. I often had trouble understanding conversations without a context and had trouble communicating, especially when nervous. I felt like crying. I walked through unknown city streets feeling a little scared and totally alone.
I ended up wandering down a back alley that in hindsight probably was fairly dangerous. It led me to what I can only describe as a sketchy hippie barrio. Before I fled for a safer part of town I noticed a small boutique tucked away on the corner. I entered the boutique and found to my surprise and enjoyment a picture frame boutique. It was full of bright colors, funky designs, and pop art figures painted onto thick wooden frames. I loved it! I thought they would be really cool in my dorm and thought to myself I should try and reproduce some when I get back to San Diego. (If I get back)
After a couple more hungry hours I made my way back to the cathedral where I was suppose to meet my boss. She was almost two hours late to pick me up. I was furious, upset, and frustrated. I got back that night at midnight.
When I got back to San Diego later that summer I headed to Home Depot and bought some lumber. I made four bright frames with a sunflower design. My mom took a look at them and said, “Caitlin! These look fantastic. You should sell them.” That was the only encouragement I needed.


I will be applying for $5,000 dollars of seed capital money from the Juniata Committee December 8th. After a year and a half of business plan edits, countless hours spent in the studio, pulling my hair out over color combinations, and I have no idea how many business meetings this summer I will be launching my business. My baby. I am so excited. Let's hope the committee funds me! Wish me luck!