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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Precious & Quaint Town of Girona

The best word to describe my day was lovely. I had a wonderful day.

This morning I woke up early to meet my art history class. We all boarded a bus and headed to Girona and the Salvador Dali Museum. The Salvador Museum was pretty cool, he was such a strange person....excentric doesn't even begin to describe it. I loved seeing some of the famous works that I have studied in school in person.

Even more fun for me though was exploring Girona afterwards. Girona is a beautiful, old and historic town 30 minutes from the Museum. It has old narrow cobble stone roads, adorable cafes, cute little artisan shops, gorgeous old buildings, and a river winds under bridges and through the town.

Today was a crisp chilly day and the sky was a gorgeous blue. I wandered through the city with some girls I don't usually hang out with and we stopped at a little cafe for drinks. We sat outside under the umbrellas, the cobble stones were covered with leaves. We had a perfect view of the street.

After the coffees we explored some of the little shops and I bought a white ceramic mug with a blue cow drawn the outside and the word 'Girona' scribbled on the back. The inside is a deep blue glaze. I also bought a post card with a picture of Dali's costal house. I was excited to see the picture because I had cut the very same one out of a magazine last year and had it hanging above my bed at Juniata. Our last stop was an adorable little tea shop tucked away on a side street. They had two walls full of lose leaf tea and I bought 200 grams worth in two different flavors. The teas smell fantastic. Maybe one of the top five smells I've ever smelled. I am enjoying one currently as I write this in my bed with a square of dark chocolate.

Today was an important day for me for other reasons other than a wonderful outing. Hannah has been sick for a couple days now and couldn't go on the trip. It forced me to hang out with other people, which is good because Hannah is only here for a semester so soon I will have to make a transition. I enjoyed hanging out with them.

I'm exhausted now and am about to settle down with my spanish book and finish that cup of tea.


Lindsay said...

Wow, you just went to two of my favorite trips! :) When I went to Girona, it was rainy, and when I went to the museum, we were still tipsy from the wine at lunch haha. You should try to visit Cadaques, where Dali lived; it's supposed to be beautiful and I never made it there.

Caitlin said...

I really want to get there! Can you get there by train??
And what was your other favorite trip?

Lindsay said...

Cadaques should be in any guidebook about Spain. It's only reachable by car or bus, so you have to do a bit of planning ahead.

This bus station (near where I used to live) should go there:
Estacio del nord

Here's a search I did for Cadaques:

Hopefully, you can see it!

As for favorite trips, I meant that you went to two of my favorite places (Dali museum, Girona). However, my favorite trip had to be south of France, specifically Marseille. Such a vibrant, unique city! You can take a pretty cheap bus there though Eurolines.