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Monday, September 7, 2009

Barcelona is better than I imagined...

I have so much freedom and independence here it´s fantastic. I feel like I am really living in the city. The public transportation is fantastic and I have free reign of the city. Pilar packs a lunch for me in the mornings and I really don´t need to be home until 10 at night when we have dinner. There are more museums, amazing parks, cafes, and interesting streets than I know what to do with! And I plan on exploring all of them. I just need to make some friends so that I don´t have to do all this exploring by myself.

Today was my first day having classes inside the University. We got a tour of the university buildings which took roughly 3 hours and two differnent metro lines. AY! I´m not sure how I am going to find my classes when they span not just a campus and a quad but an entire CITY! It turns out the two campuses are broken up like so because during the reign of Franco he was concerned with the students banding together and to stop it they had the second campus (where I have possibly two classes) built on the very edge of the city. Well it didnt work and the students banded together anyway and managed to stop traffic on the biggest road in Barcelona that runs diagonally through the whole city. How interesting!

I am currently in the computer lab of the university surrounded by REAL SPANISH STUDENTS! One just asked me if the computer next to me was working...in spanish! I am DETERMINED to make spanish friends...it´s going to happen.


Susanna P said...

Keep them posts coming!!

Lindsay said...

Isn't UB a beautiful campus? Where exactly are your classes?