"We have more reasons to love each other based on our common humanity than to victimize one another because of any difference."

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was originally going to blog about how great today was going, BUT I was interrupted when Sergio called me into the kitchen. What did I find in there? To my great surprise I found a lobster crawling (or attempting to crawl) around on the kitchen counter. Next to it was a slimy cousin of a squid and two whole dead fish. Once I got over my initial surprise I immediately thought of my mom and how sorry she would feel for this lobster. We aren’t making the Paella till tomorrow…so I asked her what we were going to do with it now. She looked at me with a bemused expression that I took to mean, “Oh I hadn’t quite thought about it.” So we found a big Tupperware and put it in it. Then we were debating putting it in the fridge or the counter. We decided on the counter because we still want it to be alive tomorrow. (Yes, I’m sorry mom). So then I asked, "Are we going to just keep it here all night?" Pilar replied, "What else would we do with it? Do you want me to tuck it into bed with you?" So it was settled.
I then thought of Julia Child. I am so excited to learn the recipe for authentic Paella!

And now for the original blog:
There are a lot of things that have me smiling this morning.
1. It rained yesterday but today is a beautiful, fresh, sunny day.
2. Hannah and I walked from the University to my apartment yesterday. It took one hour and forty minutes. (We only had to bust out our map three times and only got lost once)
3. Sergio is here! My host brother who is 38 is great! He talks with me explains important things and is extremely helpful.
4. I emailed a soccer club yesterday asking if I could try out! (Sergio helped me with the email).
5. I joined a gym! It’s the most beautiful, high tech, glorious gym I’ve ever seen. They have five different rooms for exercise classes including a giant spin class room. The group exercise rooms are at least four times the size of the 24 fitness I go to at home. I’ve never been so excited to go on a treadmill!
6. I’m meeting Hannah to go to Park Guell today. We are going to walk around and take pictures.
7. Barcelona is playing tonight! After Park Guell we are going to find a bar to eat tapas and watch the game! GOOOO BARCAAA!

8. Pilar brought home a lobster! And we are having Paella tomorrow! Yipeeee