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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion & the Saggy Crotch Pants

I am completely in fascinated with fashion here! Everyone is so much edgier and I feel like it's completely appropriate to throw on funky, bright, and un poco raro clothes and call it style. (Which I'm totally for, It makes getting dressed so much fun). In Spain they were rocking skinny jeans long before they rolled into American Eagle. So ladies would you like to know what the next trend will be???????????


Basically saggy crotch pants are like genie pants that have a low hanging crotch. They come in all different sizes of saggy crotch too! Some are deceptive and sag so low they look like skirts. Others are made of linen, cotton, and even JEAN. Yes. They all look very comfortable but obviously completely ridiculous. So of course Hannah and I decided we need to buy a pair.

What we didn't know is that saggy crotch pants are much more extensive and complex than we first realized. For example, we saw a saggy crotch pants suit the other day. Who knew? Also its completely kosher to tuck the bottoms of your saggy crotch pants into your strappy sandals. Something we generally consider dorky in the US. (my mom has a tendency to accidentally tuck one of her pant legs into her socks...) Thank God she has Ben and I to help her! But here, who knows, maybe that would be fashionable...actually probably not.

Hannah and I decided this topic needs further investigation. So we quickly snagged the blog domain name saggycrotchpants.blogspot.com. THANK GOD it wasn't already taken! I'll let you know when we are up and running.


Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

No way! Those poopy pants are still in style?! When I was there, we thought everyone was wearing diapers haha. Are mohawks still in too? Those were huge when I was there. Oh Spanish fashion...

Caitlin said...

They are really into dreads now. And yes, the poppy pants are still in style!