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Sunday, September 6, 2009

El Barrio

Well I met Pilar, por fin. She is very friendly and nice and wants to cater to anything I need. She has been pushing the food down me…and although its healthy and good I’m going to need to go on portion control.
Today she showed me how to make vegtable paella. I wrote down the steps in a little notebook that I’ve titles “Recetas de Espana”. We went to the market today to buy pasta para los dientes, cuadernos, y cinta. She also picked out things for my lunches. She asked what kind of cheese I wanted and I picked out a wedge of goat cheese…entirely by accident but I’m sure muy rico. Pilar bought chicken for dinner tomorrow night, but we still have the torilla Espanola from last night and the paella from lunch today. I’m all for left overs but I think she is trying to pull out all the stops. We also walked through the metro and bought my month long metro ticket. And stopped in a pescadaria so I could snap a few pictures of the octopus, live crabs, and giant fish. It was pretty neat. Now we are both getting ready to take a nap. Pilar loves naps just as much as I do. In a couple hours we are going to an internet café so I can talk to my mom. Apparently the apartment has wifi (pronounced weefee in Spain) but Pilar doesn’t know the password. We are going to have to wait for Segio, her grown son, to come on Monday to set me up. All in all its been a pretty low key day.

I also set out exploring the neighborhood by myself. I love it. I asked Pilar if there was a park or something near by and although I didn’t quite understand fully her directions I managed to find the soccer field, golf course, pool, and park that she had described to me. I sat on the stone bleachers of the soccer field and watched a game for a little before I wandered off further. It made me want to play so bad!


Lindsay said...

Where exactly do you live?