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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I need dark chocolate...stat!

Today is my first day of classes, and like any first day it comes with a lot of butterflies and sweaty arm pits. I think any first day of school can be nerve wracking in its own right... Finding classes, making friends, who to sit with at lunch? Compoud the usual issues with being in a foreign country, taking notes in a language I have not fully mastered, and traversing the city on two seperate metro lines to get back and forth between the two campuses I have classes and you have a somewhat stressful first day.

This morning I woke up to realize that I had lost the paper where I had written my classroom numbers. In a panic I left early to school hoping to look them up on the internet at school. I forgot my internet code paper at home...and ended up randomly running into another BCA student in the same class. phew!

After that bullet was dodged I had to hurry to take two metro lines to my next class. On the way my tubberwear opened spilling rice and sauce everywhere. Confused and frazzled I took the wrong metro stop. Completely dissoriented and now late I frantically tried to find the right building. I found the classroom which was intimidatingly full of students and sat right near the door. (That way if things went horribly wrong I could simply flee).

I had finally found my classroom. I wrote, ¨Just Breathe¨at the top of my notebook and waited. The kicker? After all that the prof never showed.


Lindsay said...

What a crazy day! Darn those slacker Spanish professors! They always start super late too!