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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rubbing Essence

Today after the most painful Art History class Hannah and I had the idea to go the Royal Palace to have lunch. It worked out well because most of my classes are near by and I wanted to try and find the rooms before the big day so I don't get lost, freak out, and bust in late like a crazy flustered American with pit stains and tousled hair. So after a very enjoyable lunch on the grass we wandered over to Facultad de Economia where I am taking "Economia Mundial" and "Marqueting Internacional". Even though I have two classes they are in a total of five rooms because it's in a different room everyday. The last one I wanted to peak into to see how big it was.

From there things just got fun. Hannah and I decided to strategically pick the best seat. We chose one in the third row back and a couple seats in. Then Hannah decided she was going to rub her essence on the seat so that I would do well and when I was nervous in class I could think back to when she was here with me, just hanging out. I liked the idea. But what happens if that seat is taken? We realized that this could pose problems so she had to rub her essence on every seat. She left her essence on every seat in the room, except the first row because we both agreed I would NOT be sitting there!

At the Royal Park: