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Friday, September 18, 2009

Soccer Update

Step One: Find a soccer field.
Step Two: Buy a soccer ball.
Step Three: Play.

As you already know yesterday I completed Step Two. I got up early this morning to fufill the final step only to find I needed to repeat Step One all over again. The beautiful artificial field I had found two weeks prior was locked up tight. I saw a man approach the gate with a key eagerly I went up to him and asked him if the field was open. He said, “No.” I asked if he knew where there was another soccer field. He said, “This is a soccer field.” I responded, “But I can’t play here can I?” and he said, “No.” Talk about frustrating. Jerk! I didn’t drag my cleats and ball all the way over here for nothing. Near the field was a large sandy lot. I juggled there and practiced moves and dribbled. I chuckled to myself thinking about all the crappy fields I had complained about in my life and here I was happily playing in a dirt lot which I found out about 30 minutes later was utilized as a dog park. Baby steps…I’ll get this eventually.

I need to find a real field. And above all else I need to find a team. I stopped by the BCA office this morning and got an address of somewhere I am supposed to go to find a team.

I miss you guys. Good luck JCWS with your next game. It’s about time to FSU! Ok?