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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The North of Spain!

In all my fuss and stress about this morning I forgot to say anything at all about my art history trip to Northern Spain! And now that I have eaten and calmed down a bit I´ve regained control of my life and am ready to press forward.

The Art History trip started out with a long ten hour bus ride. By the end of the ninth hour they decided that would be a good time to inform us that only breakfast would be provided on the five day trip. I thought there was going to be a revolt! Hannah and I, being the broke but thrifty, college students that we are decided to make the best of the situation. At breakfast we lined her purse with platic bags and walked out of breakfast with sandwiches, croissants, fruit, and yogurt. I think we ate better than most of the other students!

During the days we had class where we walked around these quaint, old, and beautiful towns and learned about the architechure of the old cathedrals. I was surprised to find a lot of the towns we visited were originally military bases during the Roman Empire and expanded into cities much later. Two cities, Burgos and Leon, started off as strategic gold mines.

At night we were left to our own devices. Which meant one night of sangria and tapas, another night of walking through the city streets and eating gelato, and just enjoying the scenery.

One of my favorite buildings was the Palace that Gaudi had built. Hannah and I went through it pretending we lived there. We picked out where to put the breakfast nook, the dance floor, make out corner, the master bed room, and where we would set up guest rooms.

By the end of the trip I got very good at picking out different architechtural styles and found it interesting how the stlyes reflected the mentality of centuries in which they were built. All in all a great trip!

Cities we visited: Leon, Burgos, Asturia, and Asturga.
Pictures are posted to Flickr, but just to wet your taste buds...


Lindsay said...

Looks like an awesome trip! More pictures!

A.May said...

Hey Caitlin
your mom sent me a link to your blog i hope that's ok. your trip sounds fantastic, how cool to be learning so much about art history! i'm so jealous of your visit to a real Gaudi! All your pics are great too, you'd think dating brian i could have picked up a few more pointers, but yours outshine mine for sure. i'm in italy having an adventure of my own. my blog is somewhereinitaly.blogspot if you're interested. arrivederci amica! have fun, i know you will!

Anonymous said...