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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music! Music! Music! Fiesta! (Repeat)

Barcelona has an amazing music scene. Starting this week is ‘La Fiesta de Barcelona’ called ‘Merce’ starts! It’s the week of Barcelona’s patron saint so starting this Wednesday the city is going to break out into a giant celebration. The metros will be running 24 hours a day and there are 60 different amazing (and free) concerts ranging from electronic, punk, indie, folk, rock, to hip hop. Not only have I been listening to snippets of the bands I think I want to go see, I’ve been mentally preparing myself to dance until I drop. I’ve already made some great discoveries of new artists!

Along the same music theme there is a music store that I pass by on my walk to school. It's hip, trendy, and brimming with Indie music. There are turn tables on the counters and with-it fashionable Spaniards always seem to be wandering in and out. Hannah and I have gone in there a few times now and every time they have some awesome Indie band playing. This week it was, Au Revoir Simone’s, new cd “Still Night, Still Light”. (Definitely worth a listen). I like to go through the cds and look for covers that look especially fun and then I scribble down the names on a scrap of paper and look them up when I get home. There has been one band called, ‘The Go Team!’ that I have been trying to get a hold of for a week now with no luck. But guess what? They are playing at the festival Merce! What luck! And it gets better. My current favorite song (besides Passion Pit’s ‘Sleepyhead’) is “Summercat” by Billie The Vision & The Dancers, who will ALSO be playing at Merce! Yippe!

God, I love music! So get excited for a low down of the new most awesome bands to hit Spain because you can be sure I’ll be there groovin and dancing with the rest of em!